Chelsea Clinton Has Had Enough Of Trump, Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

The entire Donald Trump administration, from top to bottom, is soulless. There’s truly no debating that. They have shown their utter disregard for their fellow man time and time again. Despite being advised to do the right thing, Donald Trump always instructs his crew of equally-evil underlings to carry out his bidding. And it was more of the same this week as Donald’s White House announced plans to throw poor migrant children into military warehouses…but only after they’re cruelly separated from their families.

If this isn’t the most insanely offensive, heartbreaking, evil and worthy-of-impeachment story you’ve heard, we’re not sure what is. There’s nothing to gain from such a move, other than the eternal emotional turmoil this sort of separation would have on a family bravely trying to live a better life.

We’re not the only ones who were outraged by this news. Not in the least. Millions of people grabbed their phones and logged into Twitter upon learning this horrendous piece of racism coming from the Trump administration. Even Chelsea Clinton voiced her opposition on the popular social media platform. Saying, “Cruelty beyond any decent comprehension.”

We couldn’t have summed it up more succinctly ourselves. Wanting to do something to stop this sinful intolerance on the part of Donald Trump, people started tweeting bits of advice for those looking to stop this.

One such message, featured below, reads, “Call your Elected Officials and complain loudly… and the world smiles with you…frown and you get better service. Let’s make some noise!!!! We have to defend those than cannot defend themselves….especially from these “Christian Republicans”…..they are the worst.”

How do you feel about this story? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comments.

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