Americans Erupt In Outrage After Trump Takes To Twitter To Slam FBI

President Trump suggested Tuesday morning that “FBI lovers” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are reportedly getting “cold feet” ahead of their scheduled Capitol Hill appearances this week, following unconfirmed reports over whether or not the pair will show up.

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The two officials, who formerly served on the Russia probe, have faced congressional and internal backlash after it was revealed that they had sent out anti-Trump text messages. Strzok is more or less expected to testify before the public during a House hearing on Thursday. However, a congressional source has claimed that Page may be notably absent to her own scheduled hearing.

“I am on Air Force One flying to NATO and hear reports that the FBI lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are getting cold feet on testifying about the Rigged Witch Hunt headed by 13 Angry Democrats and people that worked for Obama for 8 years. Total disgrace!” Trump sent from Air Force One, he is currently on his way to Brussels for a NATO summit to begin his four-country European tour.

The appearances were scheduled to be held before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee.

Page was subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee to show up for a deposition in front of both committees on Wednesday morning. A congressional source informed Fox News that the committees are uncertain whether or not Page will show up and that her attorneys have been searching for loopholes to ignore her subpoena.

However, the source also reported that it was uncertain whether both sides could come to an understanding so that her testimony would be considered voluntary. Attorneys for Strzok, who sat for his private interview last month, and the committee reached a similar arrangement after he was formerly subpoenaed.

Here’s how Americans reacted:




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