The Internet Just Exploded Over This Hilarious Photograph Of Trump Attending The NATO Summit

President Trump has arrived in Brussels, Belgium for the NATO summit. A summit which follows the aftermath of Trump’s despicable behavior last month during the G7 summit, which was held in Canada.

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A group photo recently snapped of the NATO leaders stands as a perfect example of the extreme opposition to the alliance that our boneheaded President has.

Trump in the photo is seen embarrassingly glancing in the opposite direction of all the other leaders, a moment that seems strikingly appropriate considering how the summit was kicked off.

Trump began by letting loose a barrage of insults which he aimed at America’s closest allies just ahead of the official start of the NATO summit.

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Trump’s vicious tirade seemed to specifically target Germany. The president suggested that Germany is “totally controlled by Russia.” He said that Germany is “a captive of Russia” because of a natural gas pipeline between the two countries.

Trump also lashed out against NATO allies who he suggested are “delinquent” in standing behind NATO financially. However, that is an incorrect statement on the alliance. The United States does not fund NATO and neither do other member nations. Instead, all nations simply agree to dedicate 2% of their individual GDP for defense spending in their own nation. The countries are hoping to accomplish this measure by 2028.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel fired back at the president’s rant without directly calling him out by name. She explained, “Because of given circumstances I want to point out one thing: I experienced the Soviet occupation of one part of Germany myself. It is good that we are independent today.”

Here’s how Americans reacted:



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