BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Among Women Just Took A MAJOR Drop And He Is FURIOUS!

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among women have just plummeted to 29 percent, according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll. The president’s approval rating among white women, who once voted him in by the thousands, has dropped off considerably. 22 percent of white women who don’t currently posses college degrees (the group of which Trump performed best) claim that Trump’s actions “have mainly hurt them and their family.”

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In the Rustbelt states that were  key during the 2016 campaign, Trump has fallen into a much more downgraded position with these women: Gallup had his 2017 approval with them at 45 percent in Pennsylvania, 42 percent in Michigan, and 39 percent or lesser in Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In contrast to his 2016 vote, his 2017 approval among blue-collar white women located in the Rustbelt have shown some of his largest plummets anywhere, with 18 percentage points in Ohio and 19 in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

A majority of these women thought that Trump’s message fighting for traditional values was superior, and as a result rejected Hillary Clinton’s progressive promises. But the president’s decline seems to have been related to his unsuccessful effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which, as the foremost example of Barack Obama’s legacy, has continued to cause anger around much of his loyal Republican base.

Trump has struggled on the economy, despite his many reassurances these past weeks that the rising of the stock market is proof of the economy’s overall health. According to the Post-ABC poll, 47 percent of white women “view the nation’s economy as not so good or poor.” The president declared last week that recent drops in the stock market are “a big mistake” despite the “good (great)” news coming from his administration.



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