Ivanka Trump Just Received Some Devastating News About Her Fashion Line

It appears as though you can only propagate so much evil in this world before people stop wanting to buy clothing from you.

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Hudson Bay has officially removed the Ivanka Trump fashion line from its website and announced that it will officially be phasing out the line from its stores, based on the brand’s poor “performance”.

The sudden move by Hudson’s Bay a company that aptly describes itself as “Canada’s iconic department store” follows after it faced more than a year of consumer pressure, including large-scale demonstrations organized by a group who called themselves the “Peeved Beavers”.

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In a statement released this Friday, the retailer pointed out that the change would roll out gradually. “Hudson’s Bay is phasing out this brand through the fall based on its performance,” it said. “As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes.”

A source close to the situation explained that the retailer, which has long promoted everything from Ivanka Trump shoes to clothing and jewelry, notified the brand of their decision during the fall of 2017.

News of the brand’s demise was first made public by those behind a campaign to boycott companies with connections to the Trump family. Branded as #GrabYourWallet, the movement was first launched after the leak of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which Donald Trump discusses grabbing women “by the pussy.”

On Friday, Shannon Coulter, one of the co-founders of #GrabYourWallet, explained that the Bay had been removed from the boycott list and joining 39 other companies that have been taken off the list since the campaign was first launched.

The Canadian retailer’s decision followed 18 months after Nordstrom declared they would no longer carry the Ivanka Trump line, citing poor sales.

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