Americans Fire Back After Donald Trump Jr. Falls Flat On His Face

Donald Trump Jr. informed the Senate Judiciary Committee last year that he couldn’t remember if he had discussed the Russia probe with his father while explaining that he didn’t think there was anything suspicious about meeting with a Russian attorney at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 presidential election, according to transcripts released to the public this Wednesday from his interview with the panel.

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The committee declassified more than 1,800 pages of transcripts of interviews with Trump Jr. and others who attended a June 9, 2016, meeting at which they expected to receive damaging information about Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Questioned if he believed it was collusion to willingly take a meeting which was described to him as part of a Russian government effort to aid his father, Trump Jr. s replied:

“I didn’t think that listening to someone with information relevant to the fitness and character of a presidential candidate would be an issue, no.”

Meanwhile President Trump has once again found himself on the wrong side of history after he recklessly decided to move a U.S embassy to Jerusalem against the advice of the U.N.

Trump suggests that the move will help the U.S broker a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. To those who watched the footage of Palestinians being gunned, such a boast feel like a cruel joke.

On top of it all Trump Jr. actually had the gull to post a tweet in which he praised his father as a hero:

Americans quickly fought back:



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