Ana Navarro Delivers Powerful Statement About Trump’s True Feelings Toward Immigrants [DETAILS]

The racism running rampant throughout this Donald Trump White House has been there since his very first day in office. Yup, ever since he was sworn in, Trump has made it a point, albeit subtle at times, to showcase his bigotry as much as he can. And, this week, during a major meeting about immigration and sanctuary cities, Donald Trump couldn’t help himself as he outrageously referred to immigrants as “animals.”

As you could imagine, it took mere seconds before Twitter was filled with infuriated Americans voicing their displeasure for such an offensive comment. One of the consistently louder voices on Twitter, speaking out against Donald’s inept, corrupt regime, is political analyst, Ana Navarro.

She felt compelled to write:

“Trump re immigrants:
-Mexicans, “rapists & criminals”
– Haitians have AIDS
– Latin countries, “shit-holes”
– Africans live in huts
– Judge Curiel unqualified b/c he’s “Mexican”
So unfathomable ppl assumed he was referring to immigrants when he supposedly called MS-13, “animals”

Can’t argue with facts. I mean, Donald Trump likes to, but the average (sane) person knows that’s just a waste of time and energy – much like this administration. Congress, please do the right thing and remove this man from his unwarranted position of political power. That sort of move is LONG overdue.

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