Colbert Shows The White House How A REAL State Of The Union Is Addressed, Leaving Trump FURIOUS

Millions of Americans were disappointed and enraged by President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. It was stuffed with praise of his own accomplishments, comments about the new tax bill, jabs at DACA, and an overall failure to address the diverse spirit of the United States. It resembled a train ramming into a burning building.

To illustrate the level of ridiculousness of Trump’s speech, Late Night host Stephen Colbert created an animated film. In it, Trump gave the State of the Union address from inside a massive fire truck, where he paid special tribute to his wife “Melanka”.

The cartoon featured Malanka complaining that Karen Pence tried to have her baptized in the pool at the National Mall, about the Trump sons’ inability to talk without mentioning Russia, and other joking jabs. Featured within his cartoon is the sense all Americans feel: As though we’re trapped in a nightmarish Willy Wonka spin off after ingesting too much poison.

Watch the episode below:

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