Conan O’Brein Completely Destroys Donald Trump’s Ego With One Simple Statement [DETAILS]

Donald Trump has had two main objectives since being unjustly sworn in as President of the United States. The first being, to continue to conduct himself as the political puppet for Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin over in Russia. The second of which being, to completely destroy the legendary legacy of Barack Obama.

And, as crazy as it may sound, Donald Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize. To say this news boggles the mind, wouldn’t come close to accurately describing the earthquake-esque jostling my brain has been doing since this sh*t went public.

And one of America’s most beloved late night hosts, Conan O’Brien felt compelled to speak on the issue, as well. On his official Twitter, O’Brein wrote, “I’m confused – if Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, shouldn’t Trump be trying to dismantle the entire Peace Prize industry?”

The pettiness present in our current POTUS is recognizable from a mile away. The immaturity with which this senile old monster chooses to conduct himself is appalling. And on the world’s largest stage, no less.

His ego and fragile delusion are the only things keeping Donald’s sanity afloat – but it looks like even they won’t be able to hold out for too much longer. It’s only a matter of time before Donald trips himself up and we regain control of our nation once again.

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