Don Jr. Just Messed Up ROYALLY, And Now Daddy Is Furious! [Watch Here]

The gluttonous Trump family infiltrated Pennsylvania this week in support of Republican House candidate Rick Saccone ahead of today’s special election, and of course, the Trump presence was brimming with sordid activity.

The president spoke at a rally over the weekend and bashed Rep. Maxine Waters over her apparent low I.Q.  This is coming from the guy who is a self-proclaimed “stable genius.”  In other words, take everything the president says with a grain of salt.  As Waters later pointed out, Trump attacks Democrats to shift attention away from his toppling tower of scandals.

Reporters caught Don Jr. chowing down on a big bowl of ice cream at Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes made it a point to ensure that Don Jr. couldn’t enjoy his dessert.

Hayes asked Don Jr. bluntly, “Ahead of the Trump Tower meeting, were you aware the Russians had information in those emails?”

A smug Jr. responded, “I was not but that’s not what we’re here talking about. We’re here talking jobs for Americans.”

Then, Don Jr. faced the Stormy Daniels controversy that continues to heat up ahead of her upcoming 60 Minutes interview.  Don Jr. refused to comment on his father’s extramarital affair with the porn star, stating, “Thanks, you guys. That’s not what we’re talking about.”

Watch Don Jr. “pound” a bowl of ice cream below:

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