FBI Director Delivers Major Warning To Trump About Corrupt Deals With China [DETAILS]

If there’s a way for Donald Trump to illegally profit from anyone – he will. On second thought, even if people are aware of his criminal misdeeds, he’ll do it anyway. His delusion allows him to live in a universe free of responsibility and ramifications. However, in the REAL world, where the REST of us reside, nobody else follows that moral-less way of life.

This past week, reports surfaced stating Trump has been profiting from a property development in Indonesia, which has been backed by $500 million from the Chinese government. This is in direct violation of an important Constitutional clause, prohibiting any President from earning money from a foreign government.

FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t mince words when asked about this particular ordeal this week. Wray said, “We at the FBI remain deeply concerned that any company beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values are not companies that we want to be gaining positions of power inside our telecommunications network.”

Adding, “That gives them the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information, that gives them the capacity to conduct undetected espionage, that gives them the capacity to exert pressure or control.” But do you think Trump will even pay attention to Wray’s words of wisdom? No way. Donald doesn’t listen to anyone but his insatiably greedy gut. Which is all the more reason to impeach him!

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