Here’s the Revolting REAL Reason Why Trump Posted the Violent CNN Video on Twitter

Yesterday, Donald Trump managed to create more controversy on Twitter after shamelessly attacking Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski only days before.  He followed up his assault on a woman with a modified video of himself attacking CNN.  But why exactly did Donald post the video?  It wasn’t only for a laugh.  Donald is more sinister than that.

Throughout his campaign, he embraced and promoted violence.  He offered to pay for his supporters’ legal defense if they engaged in fights with protesters.  Donald Trump is in complete control of the most simple-minded Americans.  When people are simple-minded, they are commonly racist, easily manipulated and violent.

Donald posted the video to encourage his followers to attack anyone who supports, works for, or is affiliated with CNN.  This was Donald’s way of starting a physical war with CNN that he doesn’t have to lift a finger in (he’s a draft dodger).

His job is to continue his verbal war on the “fake news” media, particularly CNN, while his followers take care of the physical part.

Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser Thomas Bossert emerged as a new brown noser in the Trump regime. Bossert praised Trump for his tweet: “He’s a genuine President expressing himself genuinely.”

What is your reaction to Trump’s tweet?

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