If Trump Gets IMPEACHED, Steve Bannon May Actually RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

Steve Bannon, the openly white nationalist former White House chief strategist, has seriously discussed running for president should Donald Trump resign or be impeached—and has even thought about launching a new political party, according to Joshua Green’s book Devil’s Bargain.

Excerpts of the new edition of Green’s book on Bannon and Trump’s campaign for the presidency has been released by Politico. According to the book,

If Trump quit or was impeached, Bannon told friends, it would eliminate the first great champion of Trumpism—but it wouldn’t be a negative judgment on the politics that had swept him into office. In such a scenario, who better to succeed Trump than the man who got him elected? Bannon shared his interest in running for president with only a few close friends, and even they were never quite sure how seriously to take these flights of fancy.

Green said Bannon also “thought hard enough about a path to the White House that he’d even toyed with starting a new political party and settled on a name: the National Union Party.”

Inspired by a temporary name Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party adopted during the Civil War, the National Union Party “would now unite disaffected populists on both ends of the political spectrum,” in Bannon’s vision.

Bannon reportedly felt that

With support from financial benefactors like the Mercer family, he seemed to imagine such a path might be viable, and that a true devotee of right-wing nationalism—rather than a charlatan like Trump—could succeed where his predecessor had failed.

The problem now is that the Mercers have all but excommunicated Steve Bannon from their circle, and were instrumental in his losing his job at Breitbart following his comments about the Trump administration published in Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff’s scorching exposé.

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