JUST IN: The Nation Is APPALLED When Woman Is DRAGGED Out Of The Room For Calling Out Senators For THIS

She proceeded to list off members of the legislative body and the amounts of contributions they have taken from the industry they are regulating until she was stopped by Chairman John Shott (R-Mercer), who told her no personal comments were allowed.

“Miss Lucas, we ask that no personal comments be made,” Shott said.

“This is not a personal comment,” Lucas replied to him.

“It is a personal comment and I am going to call you out of order if you are talking about individuals on the committee,” Shott said. “If you would, just address the bill. If not, I would ask you to just step down.”

When Lucas continued to read off her list, Shott ordered two security officials to lead her out of the hearing.

Watch the video below posted by Common Cause:

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