Nancy Pelosi Slams Donald Trump For Acting Exactly Like Richard Nixon [WATCH]

Guilt is pretty easy to read on people. They often have a tick or a tell, informing the others around them that their subconscious isn’t comfortable with the words currently being forced out of their mouths. It’s all subconscious. In addition to that, the actions taken by a guilty person are glaringly different than those of an innocent party.

These guilt-plagued folks often want the torture in their minds to end as soon as possible, so they can distance themselves from their indiscretions. However, when the forces of justice seeking truth cease to relent, they have no choice but to demand for everything to STOP at once!

That’s what Richard Nixon did with the Watergate investigation, and that’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing with the Russian probe, led by Robert Mueller. Sure, it’s been a year, but that doesn’t mean a case isn’t being drafted against you, Donald. There’s so many legal hoops to jump through, especially when considering prosecuting a President, that things of this nature cannot be rushed.

Luckily, we have lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi who are willing to call Trump out for his nonsense. But the question remains, why not just impeach him already? Seems like there’s more than enough evidence, from many different crimes, that would suffice as reason to move forward with removing this moron from office. So, what’s the hold up? Will you ever impeach this idiot?

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