OMG—Florida Passes Law Allowing Citizens to CHALLENGE THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION AND CLIMATE CHANGE in Public Schools!

Florida’s House Bill 989 will allow Floridians to object to the use of specific instructional materials in the public schools, and it was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on June 26. Climate change and evolution were clearly among the targets of HB 989.

Supporters of the bill submitted affidavits that complained, “I have witnessed students being taught evolution as fact…rather than theory….I have witnessed children being taught that Global Warming is a reality.”

What a surprise—someone displays his or her ignorance of the scientific use of the word “theory” and is shocked that proven science is being taught as reality. 

With the law now in place, any state resident—not just any parent with a child in the country’s public schools, as was the case previously—can now file a complaint about instructional materials in the county’s public schools, and the school will now have to appoint a hearing officer to hear the complaint. This means that anyone with an anti-science agenda will be able to challenge school curricula and waste untold taxpayer dollars to have a hearing on the matter. And it could happen again and again and again.

Many commentators are concerned that another recently enacted law—Senate Bill 436 on “religious liberties”—would be used in conjunction with HB 989 to undermine evolution education in Florida, citing a Frontline article that quoted a backer of both bills as vowing to do just that.

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