Outrage After White House Defends Trump’s Saluting Of North Korean General

Donald Trump is a goddamn moron. There, we said it. But that’s not news to anyone, is it?! From the early stages in his political “career” we’ve noticed the lack of knowledge from Trump’s hollow brain – making his wrongful election to the position of President that much more mind-boggling.

With the greatest of ease, and utmost regularity, Donald Trump showcases that he’s not only a poor POTUS, he’s a horribly stupid individual.

And Trump’s world-famous idiocy was on full display this week, as cameras captured this orange buffoon saluting a North Korean general during his summit with Kim Jong Un. When asked to elaborate on this blunder, the White House, in their usual fashion, defended this imbecile.

Specifically, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “It’s a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes that you return that.”

Actually, Sarah, all that was, was a common display of a dumb leader not learning the customs of a foreign land. It’s pretty much that simple. The intolerance and bigotry coursing through Trump’s McDonald’s-filled veins is appalling.

Congress can’t continue to be complacent with Donald Trump. They’re acting as if he’s not the most worthy candidate of impeachment in American history! He’s a monster who deserves to be removed from his unjust position of political power – immediately!

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