Stephen Colbert Just Roasted The GOP With A Hilarious New Segment [WATCH]

Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert responded to Texas Senate candidate Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke’s loss to Republican Senator Ted Cruz Tuesday evening by mockingly reaching out for an “emergency drink” after the results of the race were announced during a live broadcast of “The Late Show.”

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In a hilarious segment Tuesday night following his opening remarks, Colbert quipped that he had an “emergency” glass encased in its own glass protection at the ready in case he required an “emergency drink” throughout the elections.

“If for any reason I need to pour myself an ’emergency drink,’ I can merely break glass…for glass.”

Moments later, Colbert announced to his audience that Cruz had kept control of his Senate seat and the audience’s disgust burst into laughter as Colbert smashed the glass case with a large bottle of what seemed to be bourbon to acquire the glassware.

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“Save some of that to snort later,” he continued about the “glass” shards now littering his desk.”

O’Rourke’s candidacy had garnered national attention after a clip of him heroically defending NFL players for protesting during the national anthem went viral, earning him support from celebrities and ranking Democratic donors around the nation.

The Democrat was just single digits away from defeating Cruz Tuesday evening but was ultimately unable to dethrone the incumbent senator, as Democrats gain a majority in the House the Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate.




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