Stephen Colbert Trolls Trump On His Blatant Hypocrisy [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert this Monday mocked President Trump for his recent promise to assist a Chinese telecommunications company, pointing out that it directly contrasts the president’s message during the 2016 campaign.

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Colbert referenced tweets that Trump had sent out on Sunday and Monday in which the president said he would proudly be directing the Commerce Department to look into helping  ZTE. The president then defended his contradictory efforts, claiming that it’s part of broader trade talks with China, and “my personal relationship with President Xi.”

“During the campaign trump wouldn’t shut up about how America’s jobs were being stolen by China,” Colbert explained during his opening monologue, before premiering a montage in which Trump as a candidate tears into China.

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“This is directly opposed to everything Trump said,” Colbert added. “I can’t wait for his next tweet: ‘Have you heard about all the problems in Mexico? We have got to let these good people into our country. Build the ramp!’”

Colbert also referenced the fact that the Commerce Department banned American companies from selling components to ZTE because the Chinese firm violated U.S. sanctions by illegally selling to Iran

National security experts have also raised concerns that the Chinese government could use ZTE technology to spy on Americans.

“As an American, I do not want some Chinese company spying on me,” Colbert said. “I want Facebook to do it. Thank you for your service, Facebook.”





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