Stormy Daniels Lawyer Slams Michael Cohen On Constitutional Rights [DETAILS]

Michael Avenatti, personal lawyer to porn star Stormy Daniels, argued in a court filing Monday that the First Amendment protected his controversial release of financial records connected to President Trump‘s longtime fixer, Michael Cohen.

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During the filing in New York, Avenatti fought back against claims from Cohen’s attorneys that he had attempted to spread false information, and had no right to release Cohen’s personal bank records. Avenatti shot back by claiming that the documents are of the “utmost public concern.”

Avenatti unveiled documents last week that showed Cohen had set up a corporation in order to receive money from AT&T, Swiss drug company Novartis alongside other companies.

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The company, Essential Consultants LLC, was also used to wire funds to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, as part of a nondisclsoure agreement connected to an alleged affair she had with President Trump back in 2006.

In response to the shattering release, Cohen’s lawyers sought to prevent Avenatti from appearing in court in New York’s Southern District, where Cohen has an ongoing case.

Cohen’s lawyers suggest that parts of Avenatti’s document were untrue, and that it referenced a number of wire transfers and transactions that Cohen himself was never personally involved in.

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