Trump Betrays His Gun Safety Promises, Bows to the NRA, and Is Branded a Coward

On Monday, President Trump suddenly abandoned his promise to work for gun control measures opposed by the National Rifle Association. Instead he embraced the firearms marketing and lobbying organization’s agenda of arming teachers and making tiny and nearly imperceptible improvements to the background check system.

This is in flat contradiction to Trump’s statements made following the massacre on Valentine’s Day, when on live TV he explicitly called for raising the age limit to purchase rifles and backed 2013 legislation for near-universal background checks. According to the New York Times, he told lawmakers that while the NRA has “great power over you people, they have less power over me.”

Without referencing an Oval Office meeting he had with NRA officials after he made his gun control promises, the president acknowledged the group’s lobbying successes in his tweets announcing the sudden change of direction:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said,

To no one’s surprise, the president’s words of support for stronger gun safety laws proved to be hollow. Responding to the murder of 17 students and educators by endorsing the gun lobby’s platform is a shameful abdication of the president’s responsibility to lead. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said in an interview,

I think it is a really disappointing retreat after all the reality-show rhetoric, the president has taken his plan from the NRA playbook.

But the greatest amount of criticism came from the Twitterverse, Trump’s favorite playground:

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