Trump Just Blindsided Food Stamp Recipients with DEVASTATING News!

After giving one-percenters a massive tax break, Trump shifted gears to compensate by attacking low-income families.  The Trump administration just set its sights on food stamp benefits to squeeze low-income Americans.

The new Trump budget proposes that pre-packaged boxes of “100 percent American grown food” be sent to food stamp recipients as a portion of their benefits.  The families will receive commodities “in the form of a USDA Foods package, which would include items such as shelf-stable milk, ready-to-eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit, vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish.”

Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney promoted the idea as a “Blue Apron-type program” that will save the government money since the packaged items are purchased at wholesale prices.  Mulvaney spun the plan as a win for food stamp recipients because the savings get passed down to them.

The White House’s proposal calls for a $200 billion reduction in food stamp spending over the next decade.  In 2017, the government spent $64 billion on SNAP benefits or food stamps.

The Office of Management and Budget believes the food stamp program hasn’t shrunk enough in relation to the bounce back in the economy.  Conservatives want to ensure that Americans aren’t using the funds for non-nutritional items or abstaining from work.

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