Trump Just Launched Into A Massive Twitter Tantrum Attacking Chicago’s Leaders [DETAILS]

President Trump came forth recently to lash out against Chicago leaders for what he described as an unprecedented rise in gun violence in the city, his first public remarks since news broke that more than 70 people were shot this past weekend.

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Trump, who has issued threats to city’s leaders that he will send in federal officers to handle Chicago’s crime and violence, made a note of last weekend’s violence during his opening remarks at a roundtable discussion regarding prison reform.

“We must strengthen community bonds with law enforcement, including city’s like Chicago that have been an absolute and total disaster,” Trump detailed to the room of governors, attorneys general, and White House staff at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“And we’ll be talking about Chicago today because that is something that in terms of our nation nobody would believe it could be happening,” he continued.

The city experienced of its most violent weekends of the year after 12 people were killed and 62 people were wounded in an outbreak of gun violence between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

“That’s bad stuff happening and probably I guess you have to take from the leadership,” Trump said. “There’s no reason in a million years that something like that should be happening in Chicago.”

However, city officials have placed the blame on the latest outburst of violence on gangs and access to weapons.

There are too many guns on the street too many people with criminal records on the street,” Mayor Rahm Emmanuel announced at a press conference on Monday. “There is a shortage of values about what is right, and what is wrong. What is acceptable, what is condoned, and what is condemned.”



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