Trump Just Portrayed A Baseless Conspiracy About Democrats As Fact [WATCH]

President Trump while appearing on Fox News Wednesday evening repeated his claim that Democrats had paid actors to disrupt his rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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He offered no evidence to legitimized his claims.

“They sent paid people in to disrupt our rallies,” Trump informed Fox News’s, Shannon Beam. “When you do that, bad things happen.”

Beam pointed to the remarks from former Attorney General Eric Holder, who argued over the weekend that when The GOP “go low,” Democrats should “kick them.”

She claimed that Republicans had been making calls for civility from Democrats, questioning what Trump would respond to critics who had stated that Trump’s campaign rallies were uncivil.

“They were the ones that started everything,” Trump fired back. “I would have a rally and paid people were going into those rallies, causing trouble.”

He also blasted Democrats over their treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, reaffirmed his attacks on Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility, and came to the defense of his Wednesday USA Today op-ed which denounced “Medicare for All.”

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At the beginning of the interview, he labeled Hurricane Michael a “tough windstorm” as it wreaked havoc in Florida.

Beam pressed further on what the government knows about the damage it has inflicted.

“To a certain extent, we don’t know because it’s so dark and all the electric is out,” Trump said. “We hear it’s a lot of damage and tremendous wind damage. A lot of things are blown over. Hopefully not houses with people in them.”





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