Trump Tries To Make People Feel Sorry For Melania, ‘Her Life Is Not So Easy’ [VIDEO]

On Saturday night during a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump said that his wife, Melania’s life is “not so easy” and that she is a “great first lady.”


“Great first lady. She’s great,” he said. “You think her life is so easy, folks? Not so easy.”

Melania was brought up while discussing her role within his administration to help combat the opioid crisis, and the discussion on “blue ribbon” study committees.

Trump said, “We put Melania and other people on this blue ribbon committee. Do you think the drug dealers that kill thousands of people during their lifetime, do you think they care who is on a blue ribbon committee? The only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. When you catch a drug dealer, you’ve got to put him away for a long time.”

Trump also mentioned the idea of executing drug dealers, and confirmed that he has had discussions with Singapore officials on the matter.

Perhaps this was a way to get back into Melania’s good books and out of the dog house, after the months of agony she has spent hearing about her husband’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels which occurred just one month after welcoming their son, Barron.

At least this was better than what he said last week at the Gridiron press dinner, when he joked about the the high turnaround in his administration, wondering who would leave next: “Miller or Melania.”


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