Trump’s Lapdog Christie CLOSED A BEACH TO THE PUBLIC, Spent the Weekend There, then LIED ABOUT IT!

There’s a budget standoff happening in New Jersey, which has led Gov. Chris Christie, longtime surrogate for Donald Trump, to shut down the state government. In doing so, he closed down Island Beach State Park this weekend—even though the Fourth of July weekend ordinarily be its busiest of the year.

But guess who snuck in? Chris Christie and his family. They are using the summer beach house provided to governors as a perk by the state.

The problem is, Christie, like his friend the president, is an inveterate liar, and he lied again on Sunday at a press conference about the government shutdown.

At that news conference, Christie was asked if he got any sun Sunday. He didn’t realize that photographers got a whole slew of pix of him and his family and friends sunning themselves on the beach—alone, because he had shut out the public.

“I didn’t,” Christie said. “I didn’t get any sun today.” 

When his spokesman, Brian Murray, was told of the existence of the photo, he said, “Yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today talking to his wife and family before heading into the office.”

“He did not get any sun,” Murray added. “He had a baseball hat on.”

So a baseball cap prevents him from getting sun on the rest of his body?

Christie explained that he was taking the state helicopter to go back and forth between Island Beach State Park and Trenton. “I traveled there and I traveled back and I’ll travel back again,” Christie said. “That’s where my family is sleeping, so that’s where I’ll sleep tonight. When I have a choice between sleeping with my family, and sleeping alone, I generally like to sleep where my family is.”

Your family could stay in Trenton, governor!

Christie told reporters Saturday that the the beach house is separate from the park and that his family will not ask for any state services. Presumably the helicopter trips back and forth and back again are being paid for by the taxpayer. As is the house itself, of course.

Asked if it was fair for him to have access to the state beach when he has barred other citizens from using it, Christie said Saturday, “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.”

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