Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cook Her Own Goose on Live TV, Nation in Hysterics Over This [Video]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders lowered the bar on her credibility to a staggering new low this past week in a weak effort to extol the president.  Amazingly enough, Sanders appeared on ABC to speak with George Stephanopoulos, and Stephanopoulos didn’t shy away from asking her the toughest of questions.

Stephanopoulos first asked, “Are you sure you want to be engaged in a credibility contest with James Comey?”  He referred to the Washington Post poll that concluded more Americans believe Comey than Trump and points out “more than 2,000 instances where the president and the White House have made false statements.”

Stephanopoulos added, “Our new poll shows that Americans, by a pretty wide margin, think James Comey has more credibility than Donald Trump.”  According to the Washington Post/ABC poll, nearly half, 48%, of Americans find Comey more credible than Trump.

Sanders did her best to change the subject after being walloped by the facts by mentioning the conservative-leaning Rasmussen poll, stating, “I have to disagree,” before she added, “There’s a daily poll that has the president at 50%. Better than President Obama at this point.”

Trump also mentioned the same poll in a tweet in which he wrote, “much higher than Obama at same point.”

However, Politifact once called Trump out over a similar claim, recording that “contrary to Trump’s assertion, Obama’s numbers in the same poll at the same point in his presidency were higher than Trump’s current results.”

Check out the full clip below:

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