[WATCH] Veterans Heartwarming Tribute To McCain In New Ad Against Haspel

A progressive group of veterans is now standing behind Senator John McCain in his opposition to CIA deputy director Gina Haspel’s nomination to spearhead the agency calling upon senators to prevent her from being elected.

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VoteVets are scheduled to release a new TV ad asking lawmakers to “stand with John McCain” by turning down Haspel’s nomination.

“The conscience of the Senate. … Stand with John McCain against torture. Block Haspel,” the narrator declares in the ad.
The ad will run in Washington, D.C. during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” CNN’s “New Day” and Fox News’s  “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings as part of a $25,000 ad buy.
McCain has been notably absent from Washington for several months because of his fight with brain cancer. However, his brave opposition to Haspel has made him a focal point of the election.
The narrator in the new ad continues on to say  “Haspel’s supporters [are] insulting his legacy.”
White House staffer Kelly Sadler, in remarks first revealed by The Hill last Thursday, poked fun at McCain’s failing health, suggesting his opposition to Haspel “doesn’t matter. He’s dying anyway.”
Sadler’s comments were uttered during a closed-door White House meeting, and have since spurned a new leaking scandal for the administration.
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