Ivanka Trump Didn’t Want You To Know This Dirty Secret, But We Have The Details Right Here

Corruption and greed runs deep in the Trump family gene pool. Or, in their case, swamp. Each one of Trump’s equally-evil children often finds themselves in the news for scandals of their own. And, instead of learning from their abundantly guilty father, they’ve chosen to follow in his tiny, sadistic footsteps. This week, it was Ivanka and her sleazy husband, Jared Kushner, who were infuriating the hardworking people of this country with their criminal misdeeds.

It was reported that, while serving in the White House, these two are pulling in $82 million dollars. That’s right. $82 MILLION DOLLARS! What. The. F**K?!

Outrage and fury took over every single citizen who read this report. We knew the Trumps were stealing from us, but we had no idea it was to this ridiculous degree. And, as you could rightfully assume, Twitter was filled with angry Americans, voicing their frustrations for this horrendous couple.

Teresa B. Lucas didn’t waste time typing, “Now what was Cadet Bone spurs saying about how much Clinton was worth AFTER he left the White House? If memory serves, Jared Kushner owed about $400 million just a few months ago.” Very good point, Teresa.

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