Americans Fuming, After Trump Attacks Sessions For Protecting Mueller [DETAILS]

President Trump tore into Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday after former FBI lawyer Lisa Page defiantly skipped out on a scheduled meeting with House lawmakers. Trump indirectly asked Sessions why Page had not been forced to testify before Congress.

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The president made the biting comments before leaving for a “very important NATO meeting” in Brussels.

“As I head out to a very important NATO meeting, I see that FBI Lover/Agent Lisa Page is dodging a Subpoena & is refusing to show up and testify. What can she possibly say about her statements and lies. So much corruption on the other side. Where is the Attorney General?” he wrote.

Page was one of the two agents removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe following the discovery of text messages between the two which revealed a potential bias against the president.

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Page rejected a congressional subpoena which ordered her to testify before the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform committees on Wednesday.

Her lawyer explained that the Republicans on the committees had allotted her insufficient time to prepare for the interviews, and has suggested that Page will be open to testify in the future.

“Instead of responding to our requests to explain the scope of the interview and provide sufficient notice to allow her to prepare, the Committees chose to issue a subpoena,” Page’s attorney wrote.

“The Committees would be asking Lisa about materials that she has not yet been shown,” the lawyer continued. “As a result, Lisa is not going to appear for an interview at this time.”

Trump has often lashed out against Sessions’ handling of Mueller’s investigation and the Justice Department’s compliance with congressional investigations. The constant stream of negative comments aimed at his attorney general has raised questions about Sessions’ future in the Trump administration.

Here’s how Americans reacted:



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