Watch Jimmy Kimmel Slam Trump For Blatantly Lying About The Late-Night Host

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel rung out President Trump Monday evening for statements the president made regarding a previous encounter the two had, joking that “it’s weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you.”

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Trump shouted out during a rally in South Carolina last month that Kimmel had waited for him outside the studio when Trump was scheduled to be a guest on his show.

Trump also claimed that he later discovered that Kimmel never waits outside the studio to greet guests.

“That never happened,” Kimmel explained after sharing a clip of Trump’s remarks. “It’s a funny thing. Even the people who like the president know he makes things up. But still, it’s weird to hear him tell a lie that specifically involves you.”


Kimmel, a vocal critic of Trump, continued on to explain that he didn’t greet Trump outside, in fact, he never even greeted him in his dressing room.

“I like to greet the guests on stage,” he said. “I feel dumb saying hello to them and saying hello again 10 minutes later. But I digress — none of that actually happened.”

Kimmel capped off the segment by poking fun Trump, stating that what really happened that night was that “Trump showed up one night outside our show, banging on the backstage door. It was 2007. He had a half-finished bucket of chicken under his arm.”

“And he was screaming that he needed to use the bathroom. But unfortunately, there was someone in the bathroom,” Kimmel said. “I believe it was Zach Braff who was in the bathroom. So Donald took a look around, he stuffed the remainder of the chicken in his jacket, he dropped his pants, he did his business in the bucket. That’s true — that story is exactly as true as his was.”




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