Americans Calling Out Kellyanne Conway After She Suggests Democrats “Can Try” To Investigate Trump

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday seemed to imply that the White House would push back against any efforts by a Democratic House to subpoena the president for evidence in connection to investigations Democrats who have said they plan to begin once in control of the House.

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Questioned by a pool of reporters after a majority of the House shifted to Democrats whether the president was concerned about potential investigations and subpoenas, Conway replied: “They can try.”

When further questions were asked about the issue, Conway explained that President Trump would prioritize achieving his policy agenda and not battling with Congress.

Kellyanne Conway on Dem investigations of Trump: 'They can try'

“I guess they can try but he’s going to continue trying to work with them on the agenda because he’s a policy guy and he’s — they’re talking about investigations and subpoenas and he’s talking about issues and substance so it’s quite a contrast,” Conway cotinuned.

Democrats had previously sworn to launch several investigations focused on the president and his administration next year if they gain back a majority in the House, with numerous members including Democratic Representative Adam Schiff warning that they will individually relaunch the House’s probe into Russian election meddling and Trump’s finances.

“It is ongoing and it will continue if we are in the majority with a power of subpoena,” Schiff detailed about a possible investigation into whether Russians filtered funds through the Trump Organization.

Democrats in the House are also expected to push for an aggressive agenda including protections for DREAMers and support for Obamacare health coverage exchanges.

The House switched back to Democratic control during Tuesday’s elections, with Democrats seizing more than the 218 seats needed for a majority. More than a dozen House races are still undecided as of Wednesday morning.

Here’s how Americans reacted:



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