Donald Trump wants to bring back the most extreme torture techniques, including waterboarding, and even worse. At a republican debate back in February 2016, Trump said, “And I would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

It has been proven repeatedly that such torture techniques simply do not work.

Now President Barack Obama plans to warn against some of the most aggressive counterterrorism strategies, including waterboarding, which Donald Trump wants to bring back.

Obama is scheduled to meet with active duty service members Tuesday afternoon at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, before delivering what will be his final national security address as president. Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters Monday that Obama is expected to highlight his record over the past eight years while advancing what he believes is a sustainable counterterrorism policy for the next administration.

Rhodes said, “I think you’ll hear him talk again about the need to have a sustainable approach in which we adhere to the rule of law and we are upholding our values in everything that we’re doing, precisely because this is a long-term, enduring effort. We need to see our status as a nation of laws and our commitment to our values as a strength and not a weakness.”

Obama, Rhodes said, will detail how his administration has worked to strengthen counterterrorism policies — including its efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay and its approach to detention and torture, among others.

“I think you’ll see him, in the context of a lot of the rhetoric that we’ve heard over the last several years, making the point that, you know, not only have we not been harmed by the fact that we don’t use enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding, we’ve actually been strengthened because it’s easier to get other nations to cooperate with us,” Rhodes said. “And, frankly, we get good intelligence from the interrogation teams that work to get information from terrorists that we’ve detained.”

Rhodes concluded, “The goal … is at a fairly high level to pull all this together and to lay out here’s what the approach of the Obama administration was, here’s what President Obama did as commander in chief, here’s the record that we can lift up in terms of dismantling terrorists networks, bringing troops home, strengthening partners and adhering to the rule of law and high standards that are consistent with our values, here’s the foundation that we wanna hand off the next administration and here’s how we believe a sustainable counterterrorism policy can draw upon the lessons of the last eight years.”

Obama has gone as far as to prepare a counterterrorism “guidebook” for Trump. From the Washington Post:

The 61-page document outlines eight years of the administration’s legal opinions, executive orders and military directives. In a strong defense of the administration’s actions, it lists rules for lethal drones and terrorist detention, and describes the international and domestic law that undergirds them.

Such rules are important to reduce “the risk of an ill-considered decision,” President Obama wrote in an introduction to the document. When making policy on war and peace, he wrote, it was critical to disclose “as much information as possible to the public . . . so that an informed public can scrutinize our actions and hold us to account.”

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