According to sources with CNN, Ivanka Trump will be working from the White House office normally used by the First Lady.

CNN Political Reporter Sara Murray tweeted:

“Ivanka Trump to get office in same space reserved for First Lady in WH; Ivanka’s title still TBD, per transition source”

Ivanka Trump, who has been increasingly involved not only in her father’s presidential transition but in prospective policy initiatives as well, hasn’t yet been given a formal title for a potential White House job, but she will receive an office in the “same space reserved for First Lady” inside the White House, which is usually the East Wing.

nitially Trump, 35, had been slated to, along with her brothers Eric and Donald, Jr., take over their father’s sprawling business empire as he assumed the presidency.

But in recent weeks, Ivanka Trump appeared destined for a formal administrative post, as news developments signaled her being increasingly involved in her father’s political affairs.

Now in all fairness, Sen. Lindsay Graham, who is not married, planned on giving his sister the FLOTUS role, since he is single.