JUST IN: Sen. John McCain Just Blindsided Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages

As each day passes, Donald Trump is losing more and more support in the GOP-ran Congress. There seems to be an influx of Republican politicians speaking out about their opposition for Trump’s ridiculous rhetoric and policies. One of the more vocal voices on Capitol Hill recently has been the Senator from Arizona, John McCain.

Trump’s recent trip to Asia has caused nothing but controversy and criticism. He’s mishandled this, much like he’s mishandled, well, everything else in the past. During an official statement on Monday, Senator McCain said that he found it “sad” the POTUS didn’t discuss any human rights issues with President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

The White House came out with an official statement of their own saying that these two “briefly” touched on the topic of human rights, in relation to President Duterte’s recent crackdown on drugs. But, on that same day, an official spokesperson for Duterte said that they did not discuss any of those matters. And, this may be the first time I’ve said this, but I believe the President of the Philippines way more than our current Fibber-In-Chief.

Senator John McCain, and the American people, are fed up. This remarkably moronic president of ours isn’t even trying to be diplomatic. He just wants to do whatever he wants to do – regardless of the consequences. And that’s probably the most dangerous mindset for a leader to have. It’s terrifying.

The powerful men and women in Congress need to work together, reach across the aisle, and remove this inept man from the position of President. The United States deserves more. We deserve a leader who is kind, intelligent and willing to negotiate. And, unfortunately for us, Donald Trump represents the exact opposite of those qualities.

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