Alt-Right Claiming Barack Obama Bugged the White House, Another Attempt At Distracting America From The Real Problem — TRUMP!

Two weeks ago, Golf magazine reported that Trump had told people at his New Jersey golf club that the White House was a “real dump.” Trump denied saying it, of course, branding the report “fake news.” But it prompted the alt-Right media to blame the White House’s “dumpiness” on the man who has taken up permanent residence in Trump’s fevered brain: Barack Obama.

The stories, like “Obama Left Trump a White House Full of Roaches,” were based on a 2013 report published by The National Journal entitled “Bugged: Obama’s Roach Problem.” 

Freedom Daily even claimed that the Obama’s “brought” the cockroaches to the White House:

Apparently the Obamas brought more to the White House besides just their crappy anti-American attitudes, as the roach and rodent problem was so severe under Obama’s presidency, that multiple stories were written about it online.

Following its “multiple stories” claim, Freedom Daily offered three links—all of which were versions of the same original National Journal article.

The alt-Right media have been suggesting that Obama brought cockroaches to the White House, or that the White House’s cleanliness contributed to the bug problem (both of which are thinly veiled racial slurs). In fact, the original article used a single cockroach sighting at the White House as a launching-off point to talk about various infestations that have plagued the residence over its more than 200-year history: Jimmy Carter found mice in the West Wing, and former First Lady Barbara Bush had at least one run-in with a rat.

According to Snopes, the book Real Life at the White HouseTwo Hundred Years of Daily Life at America’s Most Famous Residence also documented various bug problems at the White House stemming back to its construction. In a passage about President Grover Cleveland and First Lady Frances Cleveland’s impressions of the White House, the author writes:

The mansion was also infested with all manner of undesirable creatures. The infamous White house rats remained plentiful. Frances kept a canary in a cage by her window, and one day a servant came around just as a big rat that had forced its way into the cage was about to devour the bird. Spiders were even more abundant—one estimate put the building’s population at one million.

Recent reports from The Washington Post and Politico concerning renovations at the White House noted that the Trump administration has had to deal with a large number of flies (another common White House problem), but the report made no mention of roaches.

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