Americans Are Stunned After Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Statement About The Media

Donald Trump is known around the world for his basketball-esque complexion, ability to lose money at alarming rates, and his hatred for the media.

Oh, and there’s his sexism, racism, bigotry…but that’s for another article.

His war with the televised truth-sayers waged onward Thursday morning as ol’ Donny Boy grabbed his constantly greasy iPhone and proceeded to type this redundant message to the world:

Pff…All of these wack little claims of his are starting to become white noise.

His repeated failed attempts to have the American people get distracted with nonsensical “beefs” that he has – are starting to become, well, sad.

You can tell this old man has been spiraling since November. He truly is clueless out there in Washington. He’s a fragile, senile guy with an even more fragile ego.

If it weren’t for the few of his inner circle who actually possess a fraction of a conscious, we would’ve been knee deep in another World War by now.

But who knows, all that could happen next week. I wonder how many tweets away we are from total destruction.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?


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