Democrats Can’t Stop Laughing After It’s Revealed A Fox News Host PRIVATELY Scolded Jeff Sessions For Not Doing A Good Job

Jeff Sessions is your run-of-the-mill weakling. His sycophantic, “yes man” demeanor is the only reason he’s got a job in this current administration. But, let’s face it, that’s how every single one of Trump’s cabinet members got a job – by kissing the orange a** of our current, bigoted, close-minded POTUS. The man’s a buffoon and so is everyone he surrounds himself with. Especially, little ol’ Jeff Sessions.

While Sessions has been dodging criticism on all sides since he started his tenure as Attorney General of the United States, it was recently reported that the man was actually berated by a Fox News host behind closed doors at the White House. Yup. Let that soak in for a second. Apparently, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, host of Justice With Judge Jeanine, had a private meeting with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions earlier this month.

During the meeting, Pirro absolutely ripped into the senile ol’ Sessions for not forming a special task force to further investigate Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal. And this, per reports, was not just a polite suggestion. She ridiculed the seasoned politician – right in front of his boss. I’m sure ol’ Jeffy was super psyched about it. However, given his recent “testimony” to the House Judiciary Committee – he probably already “forgot” this meeting ever happened.

Jeff Sessions is a coward – but that doesn’t mean he should have to be subjected to the face-to-face mocking of a Fox News host. Also, the fact Sessions hasn’t wasted the American people’s time and money on a worthless investigation into Hillary Clinton is a GOOD thing. But, of course, Trump supporters don’t think logically – they act of out of uneducated emotion.

Just like their beloved orange overlord…

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