Dignitaries Stay at Trump’s DC Hotel—on the Taxpayer’s Dime—at 3X the Usual Room Rate

The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, has made almost $1.97 million in profit since the start of 2017, according to the Washington Post.

Rooms at the hotel, which regularly hosts foreign dignitaries and even members of Trump’s own Cabinet, went for approximately $652.98 a night this year—at “three times the average rate” for comparable rooms. The hotel has brought in 192% more than expected.

Trump’s ability to profit from the DC hotel while in office has raised multiple ethical concerns since he came to the White House. Trump said he turned the hotel over to his sons—but retained ownership rights that allows him to profit from the building.

Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D-OR) stated,

What makes all of this particularly galling is that we now have the unprecedented situation where the president of the United States is both the landlord and tenant of a federal building.

According to the Post, Trump International is currently the most expensive hotel in Washington—partly because it has become a prestigious meeting ground for high-profile conservative leaders from around the world—even though it rents out only 42.3% of its rooms (compared to about 70% in other DC hotels).

In addition, the food and beverage charges are extravagant (guests spent a total of $8.2 million on food and drinks at the Trump International so far this year), which allow the hotel to bring in a high profit despite its very low occupancy rate.

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