Governor Of Puerto Rico Has Some Strong Words For Trump – Donald Is Furious

The way Donald Trump has handled the relief effort in Puerto Rico is absolutley despicable. He’s constantly bickered about the price of the relief, in addition to picking fights with local officials on and off the island.

Initially, Donald mentioned that the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, was a big fan of his and that he appreciated “everything” Trump was doing.

Well, all that seems to be a bunch of B.S. – because Trump is barely doing anything.

And, just this morning, our ridiculous POTUS tweeted a message subtly hinting at the eventual decrease in relief efforts. He shamefully stated that the U.S. and their forces can’t be there “forever.”

Rossello had this to say on Thursday morning:

This is obviously a direct response to Trump’s previous whining.

He needs to treat the poor, poverty-stricken people of Puerto Rico just like he would treat any other natural disaster. Instead, Donny has only continued to play up his racist tendencies and the American people are absolutely sick of it.

The people of this country, especially the citizens of Puerto Rico, deserve better.

Stop being such an idiot. Please!


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