Ivanka Trump Given Yet Another Major Responsibility in Her Father’s Administration, The Blatant Nepotism Is Sickening! [Details]

Nepotism continues to be one of the major issues with the Trump administration.  Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, are in charge of running the country.  However, both are hugely unqualified for their roles, and millions of Americans are sickened by the fact that they are representing the U.S. overseas.

Donald just announced via Twitter that Ivanka would head the U.S. delegation to India for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in November (let’s hope Trump and his family are gone before then).

In June, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Ivanka to visit India during his appearance at the White House.

Trump tweeted:

Once again, the Trumps are pushing the women’s entrepreneurship narrative when everyone already knows that Ivanka is running multiple Asian slave factories where women’s entrepreneurship is the least of her priorities.

Donald wrote:

“[Ivanka Trump] will lead the U.S. delegation to India this fall, supporting women’s entrepreneurship globally.”

The three-day summit’s purpose is to connect American entrepreneurs with their international equivalents.  The U.S. State Department traditionally hosts the event, but this year, Ivanka Trump is taking over.

Twitter is understandably appalled:

Here you go, honey, a new coloring book and a box of crayons for you to play with.

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