JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Received An Email Right After The Election, And It’s Contents Will Surprise You!

“Hope will be restored. But first, we must live through the darkness and seeming hopelessness of Friday.”

From April 6, 2015, through the last day of 2016, Hillary Clinton’s pastor, the Rev. Bill Shillady, would start each day by looking at news headlines and finding a Bible verse appropriate to what was happening in the world or in Clinton’s life. He would write a short meditation on the verse, offer a prayer, and email the devotional to Clinton by 5 a.m.

As CNN reports, sometimes they were snippets of scripture with encouraging mini-sermons. Other days’ devotions included poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning or insights from the late Catholic writer Henri Nouwen that sought to put political troubles into proper perspective.

Clinton mentioned the digital devotions several times during the campaign, saying they helped keep her “centered.” That was especially true, she told Shillady, in the days and weeks after the presidential election, while she reeled from her unexpected loss.

The 635 devotionals have been collected into the forthcoming book, Strong for a Moment Like This. Of particular interest is the meditation Shillady sent Clinton the day after she lost the election—November 9, 2016.

“It is Friday, but Sunday is coming,” the piece began. “This is not the devotional I had hoped to write. This is not the devotional you wish to receive this day. While Good Friday may be the starkest representation of a Friday that we have, life is filled with a lot of Fridays.”

Shillady’s devotional continues, in part:

Today, you are experiencing a Friday. Your Friday is what happened in the last few weeks and last night in the tragic loss. But Sunday is coming!

…While death had seemingly won, Jesus knew better. When he said, “It is finished,” it wasn’t meant to be a statement of concession. It was a declaration that a new day was on the way.

Friday is finished. Sunday is coming. Death will be shattered. Hope will be restored. But first, we must live through the darkness and seeming hopelessness of Friday.

You know one of my favorite sayings is, “God doesn’t close one door without opening another, but it can be hell in the hallway.” My sister Hillary. You, our nation, our world is experiencing a black Friday. Our hope is that Sunday is coming. But it might well be hell for a while.

You can read the entire devotional here.

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