Popular Politician REVEALS She Was Sexually Harassed By Man Who REMAINS On Capitol Hill – Americans Are OUTRAGED

Sexual harassment isn’t just some new thing that happens to be dominating the headlines lately. This is something that’s been rampant in every sector of our society for decades. It’s only recently that these strong women are starting to feel brave enough to come forward about these stories, without fearing total social exile. On top of that, these women coming forth with tales of sexual misconduct must be believed. They need our trust – now more than ever.

Another woman went public, recently, with her own personal account of sexual harassment. And the person who assaulted her is still on Capitol Hill today. The only reason he remains unnamed is because the aforementioned woman, Rep. Linda Sanchez from California, still has to work with this monster on a regular basis.

That’s right. Another sh*tty politician has, yet again, sexually assaulted a woman. When will this end? The amount of people in Congress who are guilty of such indiscretions is appalling, to say the very least. Sanchez admits that she didn’t feel brave enough to file a complaint back when it happened, but she has since taken strategic measures to avoid being alone with this male colleague. Something that we’re sure, most of Roy Moore’s female constituents have had to do, as well.

Sanchez said of the situation, “When you are new to a workplace, you don’t always understand what the policies and procedures are, or what the avenues for reporting those kinds of incidences are. Now I know you can file an ethics complaint. Now, of course, through hindsight, we can look at the Harvey Weinstein [case], and you see hundreds of women who have very similar … stories. You can see a pattern; when it’s happening to you, you don’t have the benefit of the 30,000-foot view.”

She’s right. It’s much easier to recognize assault and act against it when it’s not happening to you directly. That’s why we must believe these brave women when they come forward with tales like this. Which is all the more reason Roy Moore should step aside and prepare himself for his day in court.

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