Powerful Senator Just Hit Donald Trump With A KNOCKOUT Punch About His Infrastructure Plan That He NEVER Saw Coming

Donald Trump never likes to plan things out. He considers “thinking ahead” something only losers do. He’s a very sporadically-minded moron who acts purely out of emotion and instinct. On top of that, the dude loves to lie. Pretty much whenever he gets a chance to “fudge the truth” – he takes it. Such has been the case with his exorbitant infrastructure plan that he recently revealed to Congress.

Obviously, as we’ve all come to learn (the hard way) you have to take everything Donald Trump says with, no just a grain – but a SILO of salt. The current plan he has laid out to rebuild the infrastructure of America is all fluff – no thought. Which, basically means, he is saying everything people would want to hear – without even considering how much it would cost.

A GOP Senator from West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito, happens to feel the exact same way. When asked how she feels about Donald Trump’s new infrastructure plan, she couldn’t help but be completely honest. She said, “The pay-for issue is probably where we’ll stumble. But I think we can mount that challenge.”

She continued, “I don’t believe a gas tax will be in there. I don’t see us doing that. And the repatriation dollar is getting scooped up into tax reform, so I don’t think that will be available as a source.” It’s this type of logistical thinking that Donald Trump and his “team of experts” don’t even bother considering.

She concluded her point, adding, “In a state like West Virginia, a rural state, where do you get the private investment? Unless you’re going to toll every road, which is a non-starter.” Ugh. Could you imagine that? Having to pay a toll for every single rural road you took, just to pay for dumb ol’ Donny Boy’s infrastructure plan?! F**k that!

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