Republican Lawmakers Are Cancelling Town Halls Out Of Fear, Constituents Are Furious And Protesting!

As many Republican lawmakers are avoiding holding town halls at all, Republican Congressmen of Pennsylvania Brian Fitzpatrick has decided to hold a lottery style option for tickets to his town hall.

The Town Hall will be held on August 22 at a location that has yet to be disclosed and members of the public are asked to post their questions online at his town hall website. The office states that people will be chosen randomly from those registering, to register you must also submit a question for the Congressman.

The website states, “Registered names will be randomly drawn by the Bucks County Courier Times and selected individuals will be contacted to RSVP and receive further details. Ticketed names and addresses will be checked at the door.”

Many Republican lawmakers have cancelled Town Halls after seeing videos of angry constituents protesting against their attempts to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Attending Town Hall meetings and challenging representatives on key issues has been a popular and effective tactic in putting pressure on Republicans since the Trump election.