Roy Moore Defender Gets Shut Down When He Tries To Bash Barack Obama [VIDEO]

CNN hosted an interview with an Alabama journalist who is defending Roy Moore’s recent scandal where he allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old girl in 1979, as a 32-year-old man. If there’s one word to describe this interview, it is: insane. Brooke Baldwin, however, was professional yet firm and put him in his place.

The journalist, Brandon Mosely, is a writer for the Alabama Political Reporter, and one of his latest articles was an opinion piece called ‘I believe Judge Roy Moore’, and because of this, CNN wanted to discuss it with him.

Moseley claims that these allegations are not ‘serious’ because the allegations are from over 30 years ago, and because Moore was 32 years old when it happened, it isn’t a criminal issue anymore due to the statute of limitations.

“Let me jump in. You are using the word serious,” Baldwin said. “Why don’t you think these allegations are serious?”

“They’re 38-year-old allegations — this would be a misdemeanor at the time under the code of Alabama,” Mosely replied. “The statute’s been up since ’86. If you go back and you don’t elect anyone who has ever done anything wrong we wouldn’t have had Barack Obama. I think he did cocaine. Bill Clinton supposedly smoked marijuana.”

Baldwin, floored, intervened saying, “OK…what?!” She made it clear that they were talking about Moore’s allegations, and urged Mosely to “function in the factual world.”

“You acknowledge sexual contact with a 14-year-old would have been illegal and would be considered sexual abuse by the books today…You make this argument that there wasn’t a law against sexual abuse in Alabama back in the 70s,” she said.

Baldwin asked, “Are you saying that because there wouldn’t have been a law, according to you, that that would have made it okay back then?”

“If Roy Moore committed a sin, that’s a sin and that’s not good, but we’re not talking about an actual crime here under—that’s prosecutable in 2017,” Mosely responded.

“I don’t think you throw out 35 years of a man’s career and his reputation because of an unsubstantiated allegation from 1979.”


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