The Nation Is In SHOCK After Donald Trump’s Latest Statement About Puerto Rico

I’m not sure what’s more glaring nowadays – Donald Trump’s ignorance or Donald Trump’s racism.

It’s a close race, to say the very least.

This absolute, thoughtless a**hole has been an obstacle every step of the way during his “attempt” to help the hurricane-stricken island of Puerto Rico.

He’s bullied local mayors, insulted the country for their debt and this whole relief effort is “hurting our budget.” This friggin’ careless POTUS even went so far as to calm their worries by comparing their death tolls to Hurricane Katrina’s.

It’s all been very embarrassing.

And then, just on Thursday morning, after he mentioned the looming financial crisis the people of Puerto Rico face, he kept the fight alive with this series of tweets:

Could he sound any more like a whinny, little brat?

No one is suggesting we keep anyone, anywhere forever, Donald. They haven’t even been there for long at all – there’s still so much work to be done. The damage that plagued that already poverty-laden island waas


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