Trump Finally Found His Mystery White House Leaker, You’ll Never Guess Who It Is!

Trump always rants and raves about the leaks coming out of the White House that feed the “Fake News” media.

According to a report by Jonathan Swan with Axios, Trump may finally have his answer.

Via Axios:

Key West Wing colleagues believe Bannon is an instigator of leaks targeting National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. The stories have been driven by Breitbart News, where Bannon was executive chairman before joining Trump’s presidential campaign as chief executive in August. On Thursday, Trump backed McMaster as “our friend.”

Sources close to Trump say he was irritated about Bannon’s extensive cooperation with a book by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green, “Devil’s Bargain,” with a cover that gave Bannon equal billing with Trump.

This was a rerun of one of the key factors that put the chief strategist in Trump’s doghouse months ago: a TIME magazine cover dubbing Bannon “THE GREAT MANIPULATOR.”

In a New York Post interview in April, Trump refused to definitively back Bannon, and declared himself “my own strategist.” After that, Bannon lowered his profile, then temporarily redeemed himself as he helped organize the White House response to Robert Mueller.

Bannon is perhaps on Trump’s chopping block and could be the next Trumper to feel the wrath of Trump’s cold boot.

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