Trump Just Threw An Epic Tantrum On Twitter And Now People Are Tearing Him A New One

After making a furry of incongruous Tweets on Tuesday Morning, President Donald Trump continues to disenchant and disillusion the American people through inappropriate subjects, politically incorrect rhetoric, ineffectual leadership and sheer incompetence.

This first Tweet criticized NFL tax breaks perpetuating his artificial war on the NFL:

People just don’t care, particularly after he and Vice President Pence staged a publicity stunt burning over $100,000 in taxpayers’ money this last weekend:

Trump then turned to his gripes with Congress, focusing on Healthcare and immigration policy:

People are tired of the hate-based rhetoric, and the problems Trump has created by slashing policies like DACA and the American Healthcare Act during a time of chaos, putting Congress at odds.

Meanwhile, Trump does not doing enough to focus on the real issues like disaster relief for hurricane and forest fire victims.

Then, Trump continues with his Twitter rampage by turning his sights on ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill who was recently suspended for breaking ESPN’s social media guidelines when she urged her followers on Twitter to boycott the Dallas Cowboys after owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench any player who kneeled during the anthem:

Users are now just fed up and irate about the antics of the President:

He then finished up his morning fury by taking another low shot at Bob Corker:

And people are just done with the controversy that the President keeps initiating:

What do you think about this whole situation?

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