Trump May Have Just Told The Biggest Lie Yet, Once Again Taking Credit For Obama’s Work!

Because Donald Trump has, as The Atlantic puts ita “record of untruthfulness,” Americans don’t know whether to trust him, and foreign leaders have no reason to take his threats seriously.

A day after he threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” Trump boasted that his “first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal” and “it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever:”

It’s true that Trump directed his secretary of defense to initiate a Nuclear Posture Review. But he also lied:

In fact, all US presidents since Bill Clinton have undertaken Nuclear Posture Reviews, or NPRs, at the beginning of their administrations. The Obama administration’s review, which was completed in April 2010, resulted in a $400 billion modernization plan that includes new nuclear submarines, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Navy bombers.

Trump’s Defense Department officially began its review on April 17, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year—so Trump’s order has not made the US nuclear arsenal “far stronger and more powerful than ever.”

Hans M. Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, stated:

The renovation and modernization of the arsenal that is going on now is all the result of decisions that were made by the Obama administration. The Trump administration NPR might decide to adjust or increase capabilities, but that is yet unclear.

As for whether the US nuclear arsenal is “now far stronger and more powerful than ever,” as Trump said, Kristensen stated:

The arsenal has just about the same capability today as it did when Trump took office. Same weapons. Same readiness level. Same strike plans.

As the Atlantic points out, one reason Trump’s lie on Wednesday is so peculiar is that the US nuclear arsenal has long been large enough to render the world uninhabitable several times over. The problem is not that our nuclear arsenal is insufficient; it’s that Trump’s nuclear threat hasn’t convinced North Korea to stop building its own nuclear weapons. 

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